What you Seek is Seeking you

Named after the renowned Sufi poet MAWLANA Rumi, we specialize in designing artisanal rarities that holds the spirit of love, tenderness and soulfulness. Using authentic designs and original takes on scarves, shoes and other select accessories, all of our products are made in Turkey.

Kindly note that we tried our best to capture each product as accurately as possible, yet some product photos might show up differently on each device.

We work directly with artisans, insuring that they receive fair pay and help them sustain themselves and the beautiful art they produce.

Our embroideries are hand-knit by Syrian refugee women residing in Turkey as part of a cooperative we started before arriving to Canada to help empower women and preserve the meditative art of naturally inspired embroideries.

Scarves, Shawls & Stoles

A massive collection of scarves, shawls and stoles to meet your everyday needs.

Refresh your wardrobe with premium fabrics, unique designs and amazing craftsmanship.

Whether you like hand sewn embroideries, lace, or simple prints, we promise you will find an amazing collection of soulful products.

We ensure that the finest fabric is used in our products without any synthetics or artificial threads.

Our scarves are all made in Turkey, while some unique pieces are designed in Rome,Italy .

Handmade Jewelry

A unique handmade collection of artisanal jewelry made and designed in Istanbul, Turkey. These rare pieces are split into three categories:

  • Our MAWLANA exclusive designs by Hüseyin Sağtan a renowned jeweler from Turkey where his designs where used in many Hollywood productions such as "The Other Boleyn Girl,” “Henry VI,” “Troy,” “Eragon” and “Hobbit,”
  • The second collection is also handmade in Turkey by multiple local designers, these pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver with different designs and coatings ornamented with a collection of gemstones.
  • Our third collection is a dedication to nature where all of the silver designs hold multiple types of amber whether it was Cognac Amber, Butter Amber, Green Amber, or Citrine Amber.

Embroidered Textiles

A collection of handmade pillow covers, table throws, bed covers and other embroidered textiles.

From Suzani (hand sewn) embroideries to laser cut textiles.

You can find:

  • Pillow covers ( single or double ) either hand reeled, hand sewn or laser cut designs with different fabric options ( Cotton, Silk or Viscose )
  • Table Throws with colorful and symmetric designs , either hand sewn or laser cut.
  • Antique throws: A rare collection of antique Suzani throws that is needle sewn on 100% cotton.
  • Bedding : A small collection of bed & blanket covers made from 100% cotton holding the same spirit of handmade and artisanal patterns.

Handmade Shoes & Sandals

Our unique shoes are handmade in the South-Anatolian town of Gaziantep, Turkey.

The method of building these authentic shoes is handed down from generation to generation for as far as 600 years ago.

The comfortable shoes are breathable and shapes to the form of your leg, for a breathable and comfortable fit.

These shoes are versatile, comfortable and made from natural materials that resist humidity, keeping your feet cool and dry.

These classic leather shoes feature a goatskin or cowhide upper, soft insoles lined with sheepskin, and sturdy out-soles made from tanned buffalo.

Everything comes together with hand stitching using beeswax-coated twine and a natural rubber sole is applied for extra durability.

Ask us about custom shoes or sandals if you wish to pick a color or specific design.

Bohemian Chic Clothing

A collection of boho-chic clothing made either with from cotton or viscose designed in Istanbul, Turkey.
This collection is a mix of fun, lightweight and chic clothing. Combining comfort and style, these clothing will surely spice up your wardrobe.

Turkish Handmade Soap

More than 60 flavors of biodegradable handmade soap.

These glycerine or transparent soaps are made in Turkey, they lather really nicely and cleans well with a very subtle smell.

Explore the different flavors, from thyme, sage, jasmine, lemon, linden, chicory, or even garlic.